Nets Name Vandeweghe GM

Nets Name Vandeweghe GM

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

In a much anticipated move, the Nets made their best signing of the offseason so far by announcing today that they\’ve extended and promoted Special Assistant Ernest Maurice \”Kiki\” Vandeweghe, III to the position of New Jersey Nets\’ GM. As per team policy, details of the contract were not disclosed.

Thus ends the talent search to fill the position vacated by the popular former GM Ed Stefanski who moved over to Philadelphia. It can be said that \”Kiki\” earned his promotion on the basis of a strong showing in the New Jersey-Dallas transaction which brought Devin Harris, DeSagana Diop and others along with picks and cash to New Jersey in exchange for the venerable, but discontented all-Star, PG Jason Kidd.

It is ironic that the newly appointed Nets GM Vandeweghe now finds himself at the very helm of a team he once tried to sign talent away from – during the well meaning but ill-fated all-Star Kenyon Martin acquisition era down in Denver. He took former Knicks\’ GM Scott Layden for PF Antonio McDyess. Rod let Kiki have K-Mart. Now Kiki works for Rod. Perhaps, it is the Karmic \”circle of life\” that brought Kiki to New Jersey and soon to be Brooklyn?

In any event, congratulations to Kiki on the promotion. Kudos to the Nets organization … starting with Rod … and ending with ownership … on this meaningful move. The Nets\’ investment in their braintrust has already paid dividends. The future of Nets\’ basketball never looked brighter!*


It should be noted that the idea by Kiki Vandeweghe to acquire someone like Kenyon Martin for Denver in exchange for three relatively low first round picks was a good one given the Nuggets\’ needs at the time. It just didn\’t work out because of Martin\’s knee problems. That is something that then-Nuggets GM Kiki Vandeweghe could not anticipate. Nor could Nets President Rod Thorn or he wouldn\’t have offered Martin some $82mil to re-up. Imagine New Jersey stuck with a hobbled Martin?

The first round picks that New Jersey received in exchange for Martin were not much in that they were relatively low. Rod and Ed made something out of them in-trade and the draft. In the end it worked out for New Jersey and blew up in Kiki\’s face. Maybe Kiki\’s trade of McDyess to Scott Layden sealed Layden\’s fate? It cost him his job much like Kiki\’s acquisition of Martin.

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