5-game losing streak

With the Nets currently in a 5-game losing streak, and no easy games ahead on the schedule, frustration is starting to mount for New Jersey. Their is a lot to talk about and think about what is wrong with the Nets right now, and the question is, will it fix itself or will someone (Thorn or Stefanski) need to address the problem themselves?

Here are a few things that might interest you Nets fans:*

– Bob Thate, the Nets shooting coach revealed that Bostjan Nachbar no longer works with him, could this have anything to do with Nachbar\’s poor shooting so far this season?

– Josh Boone admitted to several fans after the game that he is getting frustrated with the lack of playing time and believes he could be a positive contributor on the court.

– Carter could come back sooner than thought, he will be traveling with the team on the West coast trip and might play in the later games on the trip. Marcus Williams on the other hand, will not be traveling with the team so he won\’t be seen for four more games at the very least.

– It\’s back, the Jermaine O\’Neal rumors are starting to swirl over the Izod Center, but this time Richard Jefferson is NOT involved… hmmm

– For those of you who missed it, after the players were forced back onto the court to watch Dywane Wade shoot a free throw, Nachbar grabbed the rebound and handed it to Kidd as the buzzer went off. Kidd than tossed the ball to a ref standing less than 10 feet away from Jason Kidd who had his hands open for a catch near his chest, the ball was passed directly into the refs groin area and Kidd turned his back and left the court while avoiding the ref who was trying to talk with him. Kidd was also the first player to leave the arena, even before those who weren\’t suited up for the game (Carter, Williams, and Armstrong.)

This team is a few more losses from imploading, hopefully they can regain confidence on their West coast trip.

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