A Perfect Solution?

A Perfect Solution?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

East Rutherford, NJ, Dec. 21 — With Kristic out (knee rehab) and both Nachbar and Wright (sprained ankles) ailing, I think it\’s time to unveil the perfect solution to what ails the Nets. It will also satisfy those that clamor for Coach Frank\’s ouster without sufficient cause.

As I\’ve said before, if the Nets keep winning as presently configured … and the kiddie corps (Boone and Swat) continues to show improvement … and management wants to continue the rest of the year with this group … then I would say that New Jersey definitely bring aboard Patterson, Butler and, possibly, Brown.*

At 33 years of age, SF Ruben Patterson isn\’t going to supplant 27-year old SF Richard Jefferson. But, he will add toughness and do wonders for the reserve corps backing RJ.

He can defend as well as score. The self-annointed \”Kobe-stopper\” might also work against LeBron and Tayshaun … etcetera.

Some of his baggage right now is no worse than Kidd\’s. They can keep one another in-line.

If he\’s over his demons, he\’d be an extremely valuable pick-up! Same for C/PF Jackie Butler.

Jackie Butler, if he can play only as well as he did when on the NYK roster, will be a legit 7-foot force inside to be reckoned with in reserve of Josh Boone and Sean Williams, etc.

He\’s got a body that can be buffed out into a Moses Malone rock of Gibralter and he\’s got some interior skills. If Jackie isn\’t viable, there is a host of other big men out there.

Marcin Gortat … a Krstic replacement … And others should be considered.

With Krstic out (who knows when he\’ll be ready?), Boone is great as a starter in the middle (the 5), but he\’s giving up a lot of height or weight at only 6-10 and 235. He needs an active backbone that the $10mil per invested in Collins and Magloire don\’t yet provide.

Boone\’s a natural Center in a PF\’s body. That\’s why he needs quality backup.

As far as coaching is concerned, pull an Isiah. More correctly, pull a Herb Willliams.

Larry Brown is the only Coach proven to beat both Phil Jackson and Gregg Poppovich with arguably less talent and win a title. In both the collegiate and professional ranks combined, Brown has to rank as the best coach overall still coaching given his track record of winning … AND earning championship titles.

The biggest mistake Isiah/Dolan made was letting Brown go. Brown was on the right track that even Isiah must admit.

While Brown won\’t endear himself to all players and all managements and is nothing short of a demanding leader, his teams win titles. His best job, as far as I\’m concerned, though, was at UCLA, with a team built around Kiki Vandeweghe and freshmen. It was Wooden-esque!

Brown could join the Nets staff as an Interim Head Coach Title-Winning Master Trainer for Temporary-Apprentice Former Head Coach Lawrence Frank who would be demoted … along with his staff … to the status … Herb Williams assumed at New York. In that manner Frank would imbibe the last drops of wisdom and knowledge necessary to put this group over the top if you still think Frank doesn\’t have what it takes? 🙂

This will get you the elusive title: Butler, Patterson and Brown! P.S., Brown will probably jump at the opportunity to coach Swat and J-Biz along with J-Kidd. Given his financial position and the insult he got in NYK at his \”dream job,\” he might be willing to offer his services at cut-rate to end up in New York at Barclay\’s Center coaching against his arch-nemesis, Isiah Thomas, assuming he\’s still around or on the bench in Knick-land.

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