All Kidding Aside, Where Do The Nets Go From Here?

All Kidding Aside, Where Do The Nets Go From Here?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

East Rutherford, NJ, Dec. 10 — All Kidding aside, where do the Nets go from here? I think the first order of business is getting in place some \”interim\” personnel types, as suggested by the Team President, and/or a new GM, perhaps, all on a trial basis, if and as necessary.

Reports are circulating that Nets\’ President Rod Thorn is waiting on Nenad Krstic\’s return before assessing the team. I think he wants to see it at full strength, including with Marcus Williams back, before making any judgments.

In my opinion, that\’s a wise course of action. Assessing your team at full strength is important to making sound decisions.

Nets\’ management isn\’t apt to act hastily or rashly in their decision-making when it comes to change. Especially, it seems, when all the necessary information is not quite yet available.

The business of basketball is fluid as it changes rapidly. The Nets\’ decision-making must also be so.

The Nets are considering everything from extending superstar PG Jason Kidd for the 13-to-15 million dollars or so that he\’s seeking at the back end of his contract to entertaining any bonafide offers of substance that might genuinely improve the team if Jason can\’t be appeased. They are also looking at bringing aboard fresh talent, if possible or necessary, assuming that Nenad doesn\’t return to full strength, that\’d inspire Jason to give it another go and finish out his career in the swamp, and, perhaps, Barclay\’s Center.*

Jason Kidd should be very happy that the Nets have such a sensible management team in place that you could actually sit down with them and share what\’s on your mind. I believe that Rod was on record as saying that if something needs \”fixing,\” then they\’ll try and do it.

After all, if the Nets\’ managers were not such decent folks, he could be dealt to a team like Minnesota, Atlanta or Charlotte. How thrilled would Jason Kidd be then?

I think it in the best interests of all parties to maintain their cool heads and play things out. Things have a way of working out when you do that.

The biggest variable at work right now is how former starting Center Nenad Krstic is coming along. By all accounts, he\’s \”getting close\” and looking \”better\” than expected, at least, according to Rod Thorn.

At the same time, you need to be realistic that those returning from an ACL can need more time than even a year to make it back. If I\’m the player, I wouldn\’t push it.

I would give all the necessary time for the knee to heal and listen to my body. Nenad at 100% is more important than bringing him back too fast that\’d jeopardize the rest of his career.

All of the foregoing suggests a move to acquire another big man or two – not necessarily of the $20mil variety – to shore up the Center position. It also warrants the \’burn\’ that rookie PF/C Sean Williams and second-year man PF/C Josh Boone have been getting of late.

Both of the young players mentioned in the preceding paragraph have very good basketball IQs. They tend to rise to the occasion when the game is on the line.

C Jamaal Magloire has been helpful, but he is a \’work in progress\’ with a great attitude … wanting what\’s best for the team. C Jason Collins, who has improved his play of late, is more of an offensively-challenged defensive specialist.

Right now the Nets are struggling, but then they\’re still no worse (and, in fact, better) than in most of the years Jason has been with the team at this early juncture of the season. I think that with a team like this … integrating new personnel … and bringing back those that are recovering from injury … you have to give it as much as forty games or more before you can properly assess it.

In the meantime, you go out and win the games you can, and try your best in the ones where you are more challenged. The Nets will likely get back into their groove and find their winning formulas.

Despite what the team captain is reputed to have said recently out of frustration, there may be a lot of \”light at the end of the tunnel.\” One thing\’s for sure, it is certainly not a train coming in the other direction!

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