Anthony Morrow for Trade Exception + Protected 2nd Done

Where To Go From Here?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

Anthony Morrow from the Warriors for a $4M Trade Exception and the Nets second round pick next year protected 31-55 is done. Unless the Nets finish among the top five teams next season, they won\’t have to ship over the second round pick.*

The Nets have done a pretty good job filling needs, plugging holes and adding depth for their bench, but the one glaring hole is the starting power forward position they unburdened themselves of when they moved Yi Jianlian to the Washington Wizards for cap space (and Quinton Ross) to better compete in the LeBron sweepstakes. At least he could spread the floor with outside shooting. Now that Bosh, Stoudemire, Boozer, Lee, Thomas and Haslem (re-upping with MIA) are off the market, what should the Nets do?

Well, for one, the Nets could simply play the talent they have and see how it goes. 6-10 PF Derrick Favors taken third in the draft is a man-sized 252lbs and should be able to adapt fairly quickly. If he can shoot from range, that\’ll solve a lot of problems.

It isn\’t as if Kevin Garnett didn\’t start playing when he was 19 and when the regular season begins Derrick Favors will be well into his 19th year. It\’s amazing how quickly kids grow up.

Of course, the Nets have veteran backup PF Kris Humphries still around, but they\’ll need at least one more Power Forward to man the post for depth in case Favors needs more time to develop. That player could be rookie Summer League PF Connor Atchely.

While RFA PF Luis Scola may be had in trade, it\’s likely the price may be too high. Similarly, the Nets could acquire Shelden Williams late of the Boston Celtics to take up some space when Favors can\’t, but Favors may be up to the challenge.

I, for one, am adamantly opposed to moving second year swingman Terrence Williams. This player has the hands and explosiveness of a young Vince Carter and some players you simply don\’t trade.

I would rather trade Courtney Lee and put Terrence Williams at the 2 than let him go for some power forward rental in order to get Favors ready, assuming, he isn\’t. There are plenty of low cost options to add depth wherein the Nets don\’t need to move this critical piece of the puzzle. New arrival Jordan Farmar is the other piece.

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