Avery Dismissed

From The Penthouse To The Unemployment Rolls: Who is Avery\’s Successor?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

You could see it coming … a mile away. Despite the smiles and well wishes, ownership longed for results.

Avery Johnson had a year and a half and 176 games with which to distinguish himself as someone who could mold a basketball dynasty in the eyes of his superiors. He didn\’t.

Now some might argue he didn\’t have enough of a chance, but when you spend a third of a billion to get it right there is an expectation of results. Avery got his hand-picked GM in Billy King and a roster to his liking.*

Be careful what you wish for. Once you get it, there is little room for patience if the team falters and isn\’t consistently moving in the right direction.

That\’s what happened. The Nets ownership and braintrust ran out of patience. They didn\’t like what they saw and \’pulled the plug.\’

Now, a new coaching search ensues as interim Head Coach P.J. Carlesimo takes over. I have one name: Phil Jackson.

Let\’s see if Mike Prokhorov can bring it about. That, along with good karma, will bring results.

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