Avery Rounds Out His Staff

Coach Johnson Adds Assistants

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

New Nets Head Coach Avery Johnson rounded out his Assistant Coaching staff this day by adding former Raptors Coach Sam Mitchell to the staff as the \”Lead Assistant\” while electing to retain holdovers John Loyer and Tom Barisse. Word is that Johnson will add one more Assistant to go along with the newly hired Popeye Jones. Former Coach of the Year Sam Mitchell coached Chris Bosh fueling speculation that he might help the Nets recruit him in free agency.*

The Nets may not currently have quite enough cap space for Chris Bosh to join LeBron, but they can bring in David Lee. Alternatively, they can try to clear more if LeBron commits to New Jersey, but I would be adamant about retaining Brook Lopez, Terrance Williams and Derick Favors as untouchables along with Courtney Lee and, possibly, Yi Jianlian (if he\’s shown enough improvement) as a supporting cast.

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