Beggars Opera

In The Court of The King

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

They came and they went … Hat in hand. From near and far. Out of the sky and by land. Caravans with jesters and acrobats, bean counters and hypnotists … All begging for a few moments with the King … Proffering lavish gifts if only he would rule their lands. They even showed up in wheelchairs.*

Will this 25 year old royal build his palace in their town? … Or Chi town?

Will he stay loyal to his subjects? … Or cast them adrift on harsh seas to endure the endless pain of losing again? Will he build far flung empires in far off lands? … Or make Cleveland the center of the known world?

Well, if you believe the King James version of each of the visits, they all have a good chance. It now progresses from a beggars soap opera to the theater of the absurd as a decision is now expected some time before Christmas.

It is all in the hands of the agents and their king. Speculation is of no value.

I think at this juncture, I would make contact with LeBron and find out if he wouldn\’t mind playing alongside David Lee? If not, I would sign Lee and wait for the King.

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