Breaking News: Nenad Krstic Signs With Moscow Team?

Breaking News: Nenad Krstic Signs With Moscow Team?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The winds of change keep blowing in East Rutherford. It appears that longtime Nets Center Nenad Krstic will now be following former Nets SF Bostjan \”Boki\” Nachbar to Moscow.

If reports are accurate, Nenad has reached agreement with the same Moscow-based Euroleague team, Moscow Dynamo Regional, to play for them during the upcoming season – with a player option to do so for the next – according to, an Israeli sports website that broke the news. Click here to read the article.

Apparently, Nenad, who is now competing in international play, was pursued by other European basketball powers like Real Madrid and Barcelona, but when it got down to it, Moscow Dynamo had what it took to bring him aboard. Evidently, Nenad will be joining his former teammate, Bostjan Nachbar, for the upcoming season.

Boy, the Euro continues to go a long way as Euroleague-based teams are now raiding the NBA for significant talent! At least they are assembling a club with some prodigious talent that may have a chance to alter the basketball balance of power in Europe.

It has long been known that Russian teams have wanted to surpass the \”Euro-Lakers\” or winningest team in Euroleague history that is the Israeli powerhouse, Maccabi Tel-Aviv, for claim to the mantle of basketball superiority on the continent. With these signings, it appears they may have a chance at doing so.

More on this as news breaks. So Long, Nenad. You\’ll be sorely missed. Wishing you all the best!

Once again, repeat after me: \”Change is Good! The future of Nets\’ basketball never looked brighter!\”*

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