Brook Lopez: He is the Real Deal!

Brook Lopez was drafted by the Nets with the 10th overall pick. It surprised many that he was still available at the Nets selection because many experts had him ranked high on their draft charts and no one expected the Bobcats to pass on him. Fortunately for the Nets, they were on the clock and Brook Lopez was still available, it made for an easy pick in the draft to fill a position of need, Center, and pick the best player available.*

Brook Lopez started out the Summer League in Orlando with a performance that had Nets fans excited, and NBA experts giving him praise. He than failed to dominate in the Nets second Summer League and suddenly he was no longer being considered a NBA ready player. But after playing in 2 pre-season games, he looks like he is ready.

Brook Lopez may be the Center the Nets have been looking for during the past decade. He is the biggest guy on the team, has an excellent frame for a center, and as Stephen A. Smith would say \”plays with a mean-streak.\” During the two preseason games he has played in, he has done nothing but impress, he crashes the boards and puts up a fight every time for the rebound, has a great understanding of how to play defense in the post and deny the pass, has quick hands and long arms which he uses to break up passes, and has displayed an effective hook shot in the paint. If Brook Lopez can continue to contribute like he has during the preseason and can get bigger and better, he may be that force in the paint the Nets have desired throughout their franchise history.

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