Carmelo Anthony

Beggars Opera Redux

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

If the Summer of LeBron wasn\’t enough, the spectacle of new Nets Principal Owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, chasing Carmelo Anthony was. In what rational industry, except Hollywierd, are star performers chased?*

Of course Hollywood turns out its own string of flops too even with starring casts? Financial disaster often follows.

It is a credit to Mikhail that he finally came to his senses and pulled the plug on Melo talk? It was going nowhere but into an astronomical black hole.

The worst part was seeing an accomplished, refined business man, like Mikhail, reduced to begging and reaching ever higher and higher for a brass ring to land a prize he could never attain without Anthony\’s formal desire to join the Nets and the Nuggets willingness to set a firm price for his services that wasn\’t merely leverage they were using for some other deal with say, the Knicks, for example.

Acquiring star talent is a tricky business and at almost any price is a bad way to handle a team. If some thought that DeMarcus Cousins was high maintenance, what do they now think of Carmelo?

The Nets have so many assets that if used wisely they can grow their own stars rather than try to buy instant success while mortgaging their future. Sure, Anthony is a prolific scorer and would look nice in a Nets uniform.

BUT, if he wants to join the Nets, he can do so in free agency where I am sure that Mikhail will be very generous about bringing him aboard. At the same time, if he wants to go elsewhere, like to Madison Square Garden, Mr. Prokhorov has no control over this and is best served to build on what he has while keeping an eye out for other superior talents who may actually want to join his team in earnest.

Of course, if they do, they would be joining a much stronger team than the one Anthony would join if Denver had its way. So, who is the big loser here? A: Denver!

Denver will likely get no more than Cleveland had for LeBron. On February 23, a day before the trade deadline, Denver will come begging at Mr. Prokhorov\’s door for some kind of offer that would possibly salvage their future and save face for their management. Without Anthony\’s desire to hook up long-term with Jersey, that won\’t happen either.

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