Carter and Anderson traded to Magic

Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson have been traded to the Magic in two seperate deals. Carter was traded for Rafer Alston, Tony Battie and Courtney Lee. Alston and Battie are both expiring contracts, and Lee will be entering his second season in the NBA after a decent rookie season. Ryan Anderson was also traded for a trade exception, no other players or picks were involved.*

What\’s next and what do I think? Getting rid of Carter needed to happen sooner or later, and the latest being by the deadline. With this being the best offer for Carter since the Nets started listening to offers last season, they were forced to take it even though they had to give up Ryan Anderson. I would have preferred to keep Anderson and not get Lee, but that\’s the small sacrifice to get Carter\’s contract off the books. As for what is next, hopefully Terrance Williams is available at #11 and it is likely he will be the Nets draft pick if that\’s the case.

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