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Nets Bob \’Cats\’ Tails

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The Bobcats invaded the swamp last night only to turn tail and run. You see, cats don\’t like water.

Lulling its opponent to sleep with a typically lackluster first half, the Nets suddenly turned on the afterburners in the second half to pull away for a 102-96 victory over the \’Cats from Charlotte.

The Nets now seem to be specializing in dramatic second half comebacks. This must be the thirteenth game they\’ve won by a scant six points or less.

Imagine if the Nets had beaten the 8-22 Knickerbockers (twice), the 8-24 Heat, the 9-22 Grizzlies, the 10-20 Clippers, and a 12-18 Kings team sans two starters? They could be 23-9 heading into tonight\’s back-to-back match against the Hawks!*

Oh, well, so much for fast starts. Hopefully, the Nets will get a higher draft pick out of it.

Star SG Vince Carter led the Nets with 30 points and another robust stat-line (7 boards, 4 dimes and three takeaways). SF Richard Jefferson, showing no ill-effects of the flu he seemed to be down with, posted 28 points on the night to go with six dishes and five boards. Superlative PG Jason Kidd notched his 95th career triple-double (11p, 12a, 10r).

Their old friend, Charlotte Bobcat PG Jeff McInnis (13p, 5a and a steal), gave it his best. Star SG Jason Richardson (33p, 8r, 4a) and super SF Gerald Wallace (25, 12r, 5a) rounded it out for other side.

In the end, the Nets were too much for the \’Cats. They learned their lesson about swamps.

Now the Nets head down to Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, to tangle with the suprisingly tough Hawks. No doubt they\’ll wrap their arms in leather to protect against the talons.

YES Network will broadcast the event. The game gets underway at 7:00pm EST.

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