D12 Drama

Weighing in on the Hoopla

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

The latest news has All Pro Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard requesting a trade to the New Jersey Nets among others. Well, that\’s good news for Nets fans.

Other rumors have the Nets on the verge of acquiring Denver Nuggets PF \”Nene.\” What will happen? Who knows? 98% of things rumored never materialize.

The best deals are the ones that are made behind closed doors. The only media hoopla should be about a deal already done.

That said, it should be remembered that whatever happens, the Nets have one of the top young centers in the league already: Brook Lopez!

In his own words directly from his website, \”Deron Williams Live From Jersey\”:

D-Will believes [Brook Lopez] can be a perennial All-Star.
… \”He could be so good. He had a good season last year, don\’t get me wrong. And finished the season even better. But if he becomes a better rebounder. But if he becomes a better rebounder night-in, night-out, that\’ll just help … to dominate a game.\”

That tells you what Deron thinks of Brook. I\’ve watched Brook Lopez play for a long time. Last season, Brook Lopez was coming back from mononucleosis which saps all your energy. It takes a long time to come back, but he is only beginning to show what he can do.*

I believe that Brook Lopez will become a dominant pivot man in this league. He has the size and skill to go down as one of the best to play the game. He also shoots his free throws at an 80% clip.

If the Magic don\’t want Brook Lopez, then the Nets should keep him and pair him with Dwight and Deron to form an incredible team. Maybe D12 tells the Magic that if they don\’t trade him to the Nets right away, he\’ll play out his contract and sign with them anyway in the offseason? That way, he gets to play with all the burgeoning talent on the Nets already with a roster that has not been severely depleted to bring him aboard.

In any event, the melodrama and hoopla surrounding his final destination will rival LeBron\’s. It would be nice, though, to hear him say that he\’s taking his talents to Brooklyn?!!!

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