Dallas-New Jersey Trade Hits Snag?

Devean George Veto Blocks Kidd to Dallas For Now

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

ESPN\’s Mark Stein is now reporting that the proposed deal between Dallas and New Jersey for Jason Kidd has run into an [odd] snag because Maverick\’s swingman Devean George [acting for Cuban?] has vetoed the trade to New Jersey. [Presumably, Dallas could include another player or either team could offer a cash \’sweetener\’ to George for his approval of the deal.]

The trade was agreed to in principle, but this was one of the details that should have been a mere formality. George\’s approval involves a team losing his \”Bird rights,\” which, by any account, can\’t amount to much for George, if anything, in NBA terms, given George\’s age, salary and production in recent years.*

Given the strange background to this proposed near-trade that involves, among other things, Owner Mark Cuban\’s and Coach Avery Johnson\’s last-minute comments and recent handling of George\’s minutes (as reported by the star-telegram\’s Jeff Caplan and/or Eddie Sefko in a blog for the Dallas News) and agent Mark Bartelstein\’s (remember Mikki Moore\’s agent?) reported comments about protecting Devean George\’s \’so-called\’ rights, you begin to wonder if Maverick\’s Owner Mark Cuban wanted to give himself an \’out\’ on this deal after finding out what it\’d take to get Kidd by using the Devean George card as his last second veto after all was said and done?

If Owner Mark Cuban truly wants Kidd and makes the same deal with other minor personnel with similar contracts in lieu of George (if George\’s approval can\’t be obtained for some odd reason), you\’ll know he was acting in good faith. If not, let the NBA investigate.

In the meantime, unless there\’s a change of heart that leads to a simple adjustment, it doesn\’t appear that Mark Cuban will be making Jason Kidd\’s wish to earn a ring in Dallas a reality. How does Portland, Seattle or Toronto sound?

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