The Coaching Carousel: Who\’s Next?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

P.J. Carlesimo, who is an excellent interim coach, is gone. Who will assume the mantle as head coach to lead the Nets to a title, nay, a dynasty?

Former Lakers head coach, Phil Jackson, has the credentials. He has the resume. Unfortunately, barring a miracle, it doesn\’t appear that Team Prokhorov will land him to render such service. It may have to do with age, health and the rigors of coaching in the NBA. If it were anything else, he might be available, but it doesn\’t look like it\’s happening.

That leaves an interesting assortment of options available to the Nets braintrust. Do you go with a name coach with a long resume or do you go with fresh talent … a relative unknown?*

I have pondered this for a while and my conclusion is that the Nets should hire former Utah Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan (D-Will knows his playbook) or go fresh with someone like Russian Olympics Coach David Blatt. If this is not feasible, leave the door open for SMU Coach Larry Brown who may still be able to get it done at his age.

Jerry Sloan is an old-school, seasoned Hall-of-Fame Coach in my opinion, who has coached at a consistently high level for a long time without having had the benefit of an abundance of superstar talent and especially top 50 all-time superstars in the middle like the Lakers, Spurs and other title winners have had. Brook Lopez may be the best Center he will ever get to coach. Yet, he has always contended and is fundamentally sound and gets a lot out of his players. He is also good with player development.

Who knows, Jerry may be able to pull off a few title winners down in Brooklyn if the stars align? With the Nets shelf life, timeline and roster profile, he would save the team a lot of time at implementing a new system with Deron Williams at the helm already knowing how to run it. There will be a lot of success and winning in Brooklyn under Jerry. The Nets should seriously consider Deron Williams\’ endorsement of Sloan. Maybe, with Prokhorov\’s backing he can establish a dynasty?

Larry Brown has done it all and would be another option to consider (poetic justice if his Nets prevail against the Knicks) if he still is up to it at his age and can endure the rigors as he did in Philadelphia, Detroit and so many other places.

There are plenty of other good options out there, but I\’m not sure that Brian Shaw can implement the triangle in the same manner or see the things that Phil Jackson did which led to so many title winners over the years. Phil is one of a kind. Still, Brian, may turn out to be an excellent coach.

There is also Celtics Coach Doc Rivers mentioned, who is a gentleman and very fine coach, and others under contract. Fortunately, I believe there is enough coaching talent out there unencumbered or lightly encumbered that doesn\’t make me feel like the Nets should have to reach for a coach under contract and pay compensation to a rival like the Celtics. The younger Russian Coach David Blatt (who looks a little like Coach K), a seasoned Mike Fratello (pure defensive genius) and others may turn out to be just as good.

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