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Saving Face: Deron for Devin

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The Nets finally pulled a page out of former President Rod Thorn\’s playbook and managed to snatch a measure of victory from the agony of defeat in the aftermath of the Melo-Drama (not to mention the LeBron-athon) while pulling off a transaction out of the blue for arguably one of the best point guards in the league in Deron Williams.*

The Nets essentially gave up two of their best first round draft picks – their own (in 2011) and the Golden State Warriors\’ (in 2012) – along with former (and possibly future) All-Star PG Devin Harris (who wasn\’t working out in NJ) and 19 year old wunderkind PF Derrick Favors (taken 3rd last June) among other things to make the deal work. The deal works if Deron stays beyond the expiry of his current contract.

It is, perhaps, only an incremental move in the immediate sense, but a hugely significant longer-term improvement to the team that promises to lay a cornerstone for a championship run if it keeps up. It is a credit to Mikhail and the Nets braintrust that they had the sense to keep an eye on Deron.

Persistence pays off and Deron wanted the opportunity others passed on.
Unfortunately, the losing may continue a while longer until Brook and Deron become more acclimated to one another. The Nets may also need to put another piece beside them.

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