Going For Broke

Can Prokhorov Buy A Championship?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

Players win games. Coaches win championships. If you don\’t think so, look at all the NBA title winners down through the years? The same patterns repeat.

A limited number of coaches come away with most if not all of the championships. Of course this is not to say that players do not play a big part, but when it all comes down to it, talent aside, look at the small, exclusive and limited number of coaching names that keep repeating again and again?

It is a select and elite group. This suggests that coaching is the key factor which determines who takes the title … AND who doesn\’t!

Now, will Nets coach Jason Kidd join this elite group? Who knows? It will be interesting to watch.

J-Kidd certainly has the leadership ability and confidence to make it happen, but it\’s tough to do. He\’s got a lot of help with assistants like Lawrence Frank, but still, the Nets have yet to win their first title.

That\’s where Mikhail Prokhorov comes in. The deep-pocketed, passionate Nets owner wants to get it done! He wants to win his first … for Brooklyn … New Jersey … and the Nets long-suffering fan base. He wants to \’get one!\’

In Steinbrenner-esque fashion, Mikhail Prokhorov wants to buy a championship with the best team that money can buy! Has he put his money where his mouth is?*

Well over half a billion and counting has been ventured towards this goal. Will he achieve it? Who knows? It should be fun to watch!

The latest installment in this \’win at any price\’ quest is \’blank-check\’ Billy King\’s importation of the heart and soul of the most recent incarnation of the legendary Boston Celtics: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Better known as \”The Truth\” and the \”Big Ticket.\”

Pierce is one \’tough hombre.\’ His clutch shooting and scoring key to a remarkable career. All-Pro Garnett is a skilled \’big\’ who sublimated his game to win a title with Boston.

These guys have won it all. So you have to look up to them. Maybe they can do it again in Brooklyn?

The only things standing in their way are names like LeBron James down in Miami … and Tim Duncan in San Antonio, to mention a few.

Of course, the path to meeting these guys on the way to a title isn\’t necessarily going to be \’a bed of roses\’ either, but it can be. More likely, it is a rocky path, strewn with hazard and pitfall.

Still, Mikhail Prokhorov is \’letting it all hang out!\’ He is \’going for broke\’ with a strategy designed to lure the \’best\’ to Brooklyn and making it the premiere address in the NBA. You can\’t ask for more!

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