Harris: 47?

Are you kidding me? This guy isn\’t gonna stop! He\’s having the year of his career right now, and it\’s just getting better and better. Several weeks ago, Devin had never even scored 30 points in a game.* Sunday night, the Nets beat the Suns ON THE ROAD- thats the first time in 15 years! Harris scored 47, adding 8 assists.. AND 7 rebounds- thats SORTA flirtin with a triple-double- with 47 points! I really can\’t say enough of this guy. Carter too, has really been playing very nicely- not what many of us expected as he entered his 10th year. The two, (Harris, Carter), are also the league\’s top scoring duo at 49.1 ppg.

All this after the Nets worked the injury-ridden Jazz on Saturday. Harris, scoring 34 points and shooting 77% from the field didn\’t at all disappoint. The addition of Vince, Simmons, Jianlian, and Hayes all scoring in double digits didn\’t hurt either. Keep it up guys, I\’m loving what I\’m seeing

By the way, if Yi and Lopez keep improving then that\’d be even more fantastic, because i think both have great talent. Coming out of the west coast trip 3-1, and with a record of 9-7, we can start looking forward 🙂

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