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Howard Talks Off

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

They\’ve ended. The Dwight Howard talks are no more according to reports.

Whether it\’s because the Magic have decided to take their chances on retaining their franchise center come this offseason or that they will wait for a more opportune moment to move him is anyone\’s guess.

If reports are indeed accurate, Dwight has now warned the Magic that they will lose him for nothing like they did Shaq if they don\’t trade him by the March 15 deadline. This runs counter to the report that he might stay if things change.

If Dwight wants to play with Deron, he can tell the Magic to trade him to the Nets so he can play with Deron by Christmas or lose him for nothing like Shaq. He can even sit out if he wants to get his way.*

Perhaps, the best course for the Nets is to preserve their assets to acquire elite talent in free agency like Miami had. Dwight would probably be more attracted to the Nets with a robust rather than depleted roster.

As in the Lebronathon or Melo-stakes, the D-12 wheel-of-fortune discussions have abruptly ended for the time being. I guess the only thing left for the Nets to do is exercise their amnesty rights on SF Travis Outlaw\’s contract if they wish to do so in order to have more cap room available for Dwight in free agency this summer.

It now looks like the Nets will fall back to a plan B or C or maybe D which includes preserving cap space for another run at Howard whether in the offseason or at the trade deadline. It means that they\’ll sign some reliable, serviceable and familiar talent like PF Kris Humphries, SF Andrei Kirilenko and/or SF/SG Shawne Williams in order to flesh out the roster. They will likely be offered oversized one-year jumbo contracts in lieu of multiyear deals in order to preserve their cap room flexibility for making another run at elite talent.

This is a sensible move that could leave them with a better roster if they win someone like Howard in free agency. It gives them a better chance at superior talent.

As I said: 98% of things rumored never materialize. Wake me up when a deal is done … ho hum …!

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