Prokhorov\’s Dream Comes True

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

Mischa. Previet. Welcome aboard!

It\’s official. Mike Prokhorov\’s dream of owning an NBA team is now reality.

The NBA\’s board of governors overwhelmingly approved by a vote of 28-0 with one abstention the tall Russian\’s bid to become the new principal owner of the New Jersey Nets Tuesday. It marks the first ever ownership of an NBA team by a foreign national. It probably won\’t be the last.*

That leaves the task of rebuilding at hand. Of course the Lottery has to go down before you can really make a decision on which direction to head in, but assuming you don\’t want to go traipsing off into the woods, it would seem wise to start the process of evaluating coaching candidates in earnest for the position that\’s currently open.

If the Nets are in the market for a defensive coach, no one stresses defense more than Mike Fratello. Of course, you need someone offensive-minded like Kiki to join him. Okay, just kidding.

H\’mm … how is Ettore Messina\’s English? Do you think he could get along with Fratello?

I have thoughts about all of this, but you\’ll have to wait for my next feature on the coaching dilemma. In the meantime: Nazdarovya!

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