Jason Kidd\’s Availability?

Jason Kidd\’s Availability?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

Jason Kidd\’s availability is rapidly coming to a close. The small window for obtaining him is shutting (maybe forever?) soon! If the Nets keep winning, who will guide the Nets to victory if New Jersey moves him?*

Jason has been putting up a triple-double nightly of late, orchestrating the Nets to seven-of-eight in the victory column that includes a pending five game winning streak. Do you know how easy it is to have that kind of impact on the game?

Only Earvin \”Magic\” Johnson (138) or Oscar \”The Big O\” Robertson (181) have had more triple-doubles than Jason Kidd (96) with nine alone this year. Imagine having this kind of maestro running your ball club?

It seems that every time someone thinks Jason Kidd may be slowing down, his pace of triple-doubles increases. He\’s like fine wine that only gets better with age.

Of most importance, when he has someone to play with, Jason Kidd\’s leadership is deadly. He brings home the victories.

He does so much out there that few people recognize it who don\’t watch him daily. He\’s a true champion!

Owners that salivate for Jason Kidd have been hoping to acquire him for as little as fifty cents on the dollar this season because of the Nets\’ slow start. They may now have to watch him retire a Net.

Few owners have the wisdom or cajones to acquire one of the fifty best players of all time. Earvin \”Magic\” Johnson or Oscar \”The Big O\” Robertson don\’t come along that often and are usually never \’in play.\’

Unless an offer comes along that Rod & Kiki can\’t refuse, expect Jason to finish out his career with the Nets. If you want the Hope Diamond, you have to pay for it.

Jason Kidd is one of the fifty best NBA players of all time. His impact on the game is priceless.

When the \”face of the Nets\’ franchise\” leaves (if he ever does), its net worth will diminish drastically! The \”Brand\” simply won\’t be worth what it used to.

Thus, the Nets would need a young big man like Andrew Bynum and some young Point-Guard prospects like Javaris Crittenton and Jordan Farmar (really a backup), at a minimum, to groom as a successor. They would also need a sharpshooter like Sasha Vujacic or J.J. Redick to fill one of their needs.

Finally, the package would have to include a bunch of high draft picks (first round) to compensate for the real possibility that none of the players offered in return may ever turn out to be one of the fifty best basketball players of all-time with that same kind of impact. [Remember what happened to the Milwaukee Bucks after they sent Kareem Abdul Jabbar to the Lakers?]

Moreover, this kind of return is absolutely necessary because the package must soften the loss of a great franchise-player and compensate for the inevitable downturn (read: endless losing) that will surely ensue upon his departure. That includes the impact that it\’ll have at the box office.

Only then, will any team get Rod & Kiki to perk up their ears. Until then, expect No. 5 to keep shooting down opponents and racking up historical milestones in the process.

Few owners are as bold as Dr. Jerry Buss, Mickey Arison or Mark Cuban. That\’s why no credible offers have been made. Most lack the keen understanding, foresight or wisdom to make the blockbuster trade that\’ll turn their team into title contenders.

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