Kidd Era Finally Over

Kidd Era Finally Over

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive

The Kidd era finally came to an official end in New Jersey today as the long awaited, on-and-off trade of future Hall-of-Fame Point-Guard Jason Kidd for up-and-coming counterpart Devin Harris materialized. It took a few press conferences, the league\’s approval and the transfer of personnel to bring that reality home.*

The hard-won transaction was the product of many tireless hours of negotiation that left its proponents with more than a few sleepless nights. No doubt, it\’s architects still have recurring nightmares about players blocking transactions by standing on dubious rights, sinking them with ill-considered comments or not passing physicals or failing to report to their respective teams.

All things considered, however, in the second and final incarnation of the deal first shot down by Devean George and Jerry Stackhouse, the Nets will now be sending Jason Kidd, Antoine Wright and Malik Allen to Dallas for Devin Harris, Desagana Diop, Maurice Ager, Trenton Hassell, Keith Van Horn, two first round draft picks (most likely a lottery protected 2008 & unprotected 2010 which reverts to an unprotected 2009 & 2011 if the Mavs fall in the lottery this year), a pair of trade exceptions and cash. This is the deal that survived all the \’rapids.\’

The most intriguing aspect is whether Keith Van Horn would be inspired to resume his career at the age of 32 after more than a year\’s layoff. New Jersey could use his skills if his comeback is successful.

While this final version of the deal costs both sides more in the long-run, it was a solution to the roadblocks that Devean George and Jerry Stackhouse posed to its completion in the original form. It also seems that Dallas now saves itself a second-round pick and manages to lottery protect its 2008 pick that goes to New Jersey, which pick, in all likelihood, won\’t fall within the lottery anyway, given Dallas\’ current and projected record to end on the season.

Thus, New Jersey will now be able to \”move on.\” That is, of course, once confirmation that all physicals are complete, players change uniforms and Keith Van Horn actually reports to the Nets in East Rutherford – all of which seems to be in process.

In the meantime, the Nets are contemplating some additional moves that may involve other personnel. Most notable amongst them: Vince Carter.

Vince is a very valuable player that\’s had an off year because of a badly sprained ankle. He\’s beginning to round into form and unless, for example, the Knicks offered, at the very least, say three unprotected first round picks (theirs and Miami\’s) and Zach Randolph, I wouldn\’t let him go for mere expiring contracts.

Further, I\’m leery of any proposed deal for Jermaine O\’Neal unless the Nets are satisfied as to his health. Jermaine O\’Neal\’s knees are a serious concern and I wouldn\’t include Marcus Williams (the next Deron Williams) as part of any deal unless Deron Williams-type compensation was involved.

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