Kings dominate struggling Nets

1/22/08 – The Nets continued there road trip, and there losing trip as they got blown out by the rejuvenated Kings. For the first time this year, Bibby, Artest, and Martin were all healthy and in the starting line-up, and made a statement against the Nets in a 128-94 blowout. The Nets started the game careless and gave away 5 early turnovers and allowed the Kings to set the pace with an 11 point lead after the first quarter. The Nets were also outscored in every quarter after that.*

Although the Nets shot the ball well, it means nothing when you allow your opponent to shoot at 57.5% from the field and 62.5% from three while making 15 of 24 shots from beyond the ark. Eight of those 3\’s came from the Kings version of the Big 3, who combined for a total of 61 points, and got help from 4 others who put up double figures. This game was dominated from the start, and the Nets didn\’t look like they had the effort or will to come back from behind for another time this season.

The Nets losing streak has now hit 6 games, and at the halfway point in the season, they are on pace to finish 36-46. A record that will not make the playoffs. It isn\’t surprising that the Nets and Bulls are discussing a trade now to swap some key reserves, both teams are currently out of the playoff picture and are huge disappointments this season. If the trade falls through, doesn\’t happen, or does happen and just doesn\’t work out, expect to see the Nets send Kidd to a contender and rebuild from there.

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