Last Day Of A Long Season

Last Day Of A Long Season

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The last night of a long season came to a merciful end in a 94-86 double overtime drubbing at the hands of the Heat down in Miami. In many ways it was a microcosm of the season for the Nets.*

In a season that lasted too long, the Heat tried to give the Nets a 13th victory by sitting Wade, Haslem and O\’Neal, but the Nets would have none of that. No, the Nets were going to punish their erstwhile adversaries by forcing them to play the Celtics in the opening round of the playoffs – not the Hawks.

The more the Heat tried to give the game to the Nets, the more New Jersey resisted. The Nets showed no mercy to their opponents as it took two painful overtimes before Miami realized that they weren\’t getting out of the building anytime soon unless their ice-cold sharpshooter Yakhouba Diawara put the game away with a lucky, long bank shot from somewhere near Yonkers. I needed to go to the men\’s room after that one.

The stench of a long Nets season had gotten to me, but I wondered what might be gleaned from this evening. Well, Chris Quinn impressed and Yi looks like he could eventually be something special if he works his tail off this summer. That\’s what I took away from this game. The \”Muscle Devil\” has to hit the weights again so he can go up strong and get his shot off while being more sure and precise about it.

Still, the overall performance wreaked. Oh, well. The team can start out 0-0 again, thank heavens.

Speaking of starting over, I think the Nets should bring in Duke icon Mike Kryzewski and failing that someone without baggage.

Former Knicks-Rockets Coach Jeff Van Gundy is a fine coach on the defensive end of it, but I\’m scarred by the offensive performance his Patrick Ewing-led team put on during the finals against Tomjanovich-era Houston where John Starks was two for a lot (2-of-18 if memory serves). I think his brother Stan is better with that.

I also can\’t forget all the collapses against Michael Jordan & Co. Finally, the Knicks were up in Vancouver once and lost to rookies Abdur-Rahim, Swift and a kid by the name of Lawrence Frank.

Avery Johnson knows how to win, but he doesn\’t come baggage-free either. I don\’t know the particulars, but apparently there were issues down in Dallas according to something I read. You also can\’t forget he caved to the Warriors in an unexpected early playoff exit one year and his team failed to bring home the O\’Brien trophy from a winnable finals once.

Yeah, the only guys I\’m comfortable with are Phil Jackson, but he\’s still under contract, at least until the playoffs are over. AND Larry Brown. But, Larry just recanted his last disappearing act. Now, he says that Charlotte is his last stop. Uh … Huh.

Gee, maybe New Jersey Lawmaker, Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-My-Constituents-Don\’t-Want-to-Drive-Through-Two-Tunnels-to-Watch-the-Nets-Lose) will add Robert Mugabe to the short list of coaching candidates? That was tongue-in-cheek!

Sigh … Well, at least I don\’t get paid to make these choices. The seat is hotter for those that do. H\’mm, that leaves some up and comer on Rod\’s list to consider.

In the meantime, Rod should see if Memphis will do a sign-and-trade for Rudy Gay right now. If not, why waste time making an offer on a restricted free agent down the road that Memphis will likely match?

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