Litigation Takes Center Stage

Players Take The Court

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

As you may know by now, rejecting the owners latest offer, negotiations fell apart and the players took to the court today – not the hardwood – but the marble floors of the halls of justice. The union formally disbanded and the players brought actions in various jurisdictions to hear their grievance(s).*

Now whether this is a negotiating ploy or something that\’ll go to the mat, who knows? Much of it reminds of the NFL saga, yet I can\’t help but think of what became of the players in the NHL.

The only parties playing right now are the lawyers. If you want to watch professional basketball, you\’ll have to tune to the WNBA.

When it is over, the Nets should be well positioned to resume play. Only the basketball deities know for sure when that\’ll be.

In the meantime, the greatest shame is that, for the sake of the fan, the owners and players couldn\’t come together on this – their mutual interest in reaching agreement notwithstanding. It now becomes a high stakes legal battle between the owners, the players and their agents.

Which way will it go? Only time will tell and the skills of the respective counselors at law. The real battle now is in the courts of law – not on the hardwood!

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