NBA Season Gets Underway Christmas Day!!?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

Lo & behold! There may be NBA basketball comin\’ our way!

After 15 hours of intensive negotiations, the parties to the NBA impasse came together long enough in a Manhattan law office to reach a framework understanding, if only tentative, to put on a shortened 66-game season starting December 25. There is still much to be worked out, but if the deal holds, we will be watching our favorite NBA stars play on Christmas day!*

The details aren\’t as important as the fact that an understanding was reached that would allow the games to go on. When the lawyers were brought in, with legal actions pending against both sides, did each take serious the need to reach agreement for the sake of the game.

After all, who wanted to watch mega-millionaires and billionaires wrestle over how to share $4bil when the average man was figuring out how to stay afloat? As a bystander to the \’sumo match\’ that led to this impasse, my sympathies were with the average fan that \’breaks his back\’ to put a roof over his head & food on the table while shelling out \’big bucks\’ to take in only a few games a year that he can barely afford to entertain his family with each season!

What is important now is what the Nets do in free agency or otherwise to shore up the team in time for their farewell to Jersey and debut in Brooklyn! If they can\’t acquire the services of Dwight Howard, perhaps, Tyson Chandler will be a defensive complement to Brook Lopez? In any case, the Nets must invest wisely in quality and opt for the best. In this manner, the season may turn out better than last! In the meantime, it looks like Santa came early for the NBA! The Grinch could be out in the cold!!?

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