Lottery Fall

Lottery Comes and Goes

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The NBA Lottery was anticlimactic at the beginning of the Prokhorov era. Not only did the Nets\’ league-worst losing record not garner the first pick, but New Jersey fell to third.

If Mikhail thought the lottery could be rigged in his favor, this night was proof that it wasn\’t. It goes to show that a 25% chance … is not better than a 75% chance … that you won\’t … come away with the top pick. And so it goes.

None the less, ALL is not lost! While it is nice to pick as high as you can, there\’s no guarantee that a Wall or Turner won\’t fall to the Nets at number three. All it takes is a team drafting a big man for need ahead of them and the Nets get one of these players (Wall or Turner).*

Moreover, who is to say that, after tests and measurements at the upcoming Draft Combine, the stock of others doesn\’t rise sufficient that Wall or Turner are no longer absolute locks for the top spots? Remember that every year someone is drafted that has been overhyped, is injury-prone or doesn\’t pan out and otherwise live up to expectations for one reason or another. As they say: Stay Tuned!

That said, even if things remain as they are, the Nets are projected to be left with players like PFs Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins and SF Wesley Johnson to choose from. By no means are these all poor consolation prizes to the John Wall lottery. See my comment above about someone not living up to expectations from every draft.

For my money, if things remain as projected, I am partial to Cousins over Favors, but they both do not appear to be the next Tim Duncan or Moses Malone at this reading. They do have upside, though.

As for the remaining picks the Nets have, they should probably go for the best available Point-Guard and Center that they can find.

Remember, the player salary cap doesn\’t count against any money invested in a superior coach and staffing infrastructure. A great coach will bring out the most from the existing young roster that may obviate the need to take untoward risks in the free agent market.

As I said before, if I could hire Phil Jackson or even Mike Krzyzewski, I would! Tom Thibodeau, Avery Johnson and Jeff Van Gundy are also decent choices that\’ll move the team in the right direction.

Does anyone remember the scene in the 1990 film \”Crazy People,\” starring Daryl Hannah, where the lunatics who were running the asylum stopped doing great ad campaigns for Madison Avenue until they were paid? Their last presentation to the [fictional] executives of Sony Corporation was as follows: Sony = Bony!

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