Lottery in May

New Jersey To Brooklyn Via Newark: Ratner\’s Dream About To Become Reality

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

Lottery in May. Any superstars in the fray? Will the Nets hit a Wall or stand in the hall? Is Turner on tap or Cousins the way? These are the questions that hold the keys to the Nets future they say!

Barring unforeseen circumstances, it strongly appears that Nets Owner Bruce Ratner\’s dream of moving the Nets out of the moribund Meadowlands to a sparkling new, fan-filled arena in Brooklyn is about to become reality. Clearing away the final impediment to acquiring the land underlying the arena are generous deals for property holdouts. The stage is now set for NBA league approval of billionaire Mike Prokhorov to take over eighty-percent of the New Jersey Nets very soon.

It remains only to be seen where the balls will fall in the May 18 lottery that will determine the Nets\’ draft position. It\’s anybody\’s guess who will be present when that occurs, but rumor has it that 47-year old Mike Prokhorov will be in the mix.*

Once the Nets know where they stand in the lottery, they can then go about rebuilding the team through the draft, trades and/or free agency. Like Portland Owner Paul Allen, Mr. P\’s deep pockets should allow the Nets to buy up some extra draft picks from willing sellers should he find any available.

That done, the Nets should focus for the most part on building mostly through the draft and in trade rather than free agency. It worked for the playoff participant Oklahoma City Thunder who eviscerated the Laker veterans the other night and Portland Trail Blazers. The Nets should also consider investing in some quality free agents this year and next if sensible opportunities present [I would not turn down LeBron if he wants to bolt Cleveland], but if the upper tier stay put and second tier is beyond reason, build your stars from within.

Remember, the player salary cap doesn\’t count against any money invested in a superior coach and staffing infrastructure. Management and coaching is your best investment. Quality playing personnel count, too, though!

It should be interesting to see how all this unfolds as the off season progresses. Right now, we all get to see if \”Mike\” can win a lottery? Ping pong anyone?

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