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The state of the Nets can be summed up by one name: Brook Lopez! How Brook goes, barring any major roster move(s), will largely determine how the Nets fare this season.

Don\’t get me wrong. They will be better than last year. All-Star PG Deron Williams is a very crucial addition, but Brook\’s play will determine the trajectory of the entire season.*

The better he plays, the more likely that Brook will make it to Brooklyn and be a cornerstone of the franchise for years to come. Realizing what he can do and asserting his strength is something that he can work on.

7-foot Center Brook Lopez has the size, length and talent to be one of the best and impact the Nets\’ fortunes dramatically. BUT, it is a matter of his focus on rebounding and defense nightly that will make all the difference.

In the interim, the Nets will try to upgrade the roster as necessary, but if and when that happens is open to speculation. All that the existing squad can do is play basketball.

I, for one, am very optimistic. I think the Nets right now have more than they started with last season, with the exception of T-Will, who I liked, or Sasha Vujacic. They also have another year of Avery Johnson\’s coaching under their belt.

All of the foregoing could push the team into the 30 win category, maybe 40. The playoffs, as suprising as that sounds, may not be entirely out of the question.

If Deron plays off the ball some with Farmar at the point, maybe Deron can drop 50 on some teams like he did in Turkey? SF Andrei Kirilenko, if he signs with New Jersey as rumored, could bolster the team in some categories.

Realistically, though, I like rookie SG Marshon Brooks so far. If he develops an overall game, he could be a very significant addition. I\’ll reserve comment on other personnel until the preseason is over.

In sum, the Nets have made some moves on the periphery while trying to upgrade the core. They\’ll succeed if they keep trying.

Remember, while they didn\’t land LeBron or Melo, they acquired Deron Williams, who I think will impact their team as much, if not more. Enjoy the season!

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