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By: NBASCOUT / Special to

After a busy offseason, now that the Nets have assembled a formidable roster for the upcoming season, what are we to expect? Will the Nets win their first ever NBA title? Don\’t bet on it just yet!

Barring serious injury to key personnel, this observer expects the Nets to win anywhere in the range of a minimum of 55 to as much as 65 or more games.* The Nets will definitely go deeper in the playoffs. They may even surprise with how far they go in the postseason, but unless hardened teams like the Heat and Spurs stumble, it doesn\’t figure the Nets are taking home a crown. They will, however, be \’hanging around the hoop\’ in case the competition falters.

Finally, the arrival of a bona-fide all-Pro Power Forward in Kevin Garnett will help enormously. He can spread the floor with his shooting skill taking a lot of pressure off the middle and opening it up for the wings — something the Nets have been sorely lacking … it seems forever!

The team as presently configured is an interesting blend of tested veterans and youth. It has a lot of talented depth.

Key for this team is how it comes together and whether the necessary chemistry emerges? GM Billy King is correct that by mid-season or so, you\’ll know what you have. Give it a full season.

Some things to watch are how C Brook Lopez recovers from his foot surgery to replace the bent screw and how PG Deron Williams adjusts to his new mates. SG Joe Johnson\’s adaptation to the new mix and coaching staff is also significant.

All-in-all, the team will generate excitement. The x-factor is Brook Lopez\’s highly anticipated emergence as an unstoppable offensive force in the NBA. Surrounded by the seasoned all-pro talent in the starting lineup should enable him to dominate and be the wild card for this season along with an underrated bench.

I like the Nets chances. Would I bet on it? I\’m not a betting man, but stay tuned and hang on to your seats. It\’s going to be a wild ride for the thrill of victory and/or the agony of defeat.

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