More Roster Moves: Boki and Marcus Gone With The Wind

More Roster Moves: Boki and Marcus Gone With The Wind

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The winds of change are blowing in East Rutherford. In a mighty gust, they lifted up fan-favorites Bostjan \”Boki\” Nachbar and Marcus Williams and deposited them on distant shores. What am I talking about?

Well, if you hadn\’t heard, Bostjan Nachbar will now be rendering his exclusive services in the frigid climes of Moscow to the Dynamo team situated there for some 14.3mil eurodollars over three years. I guess the NBA couldn\’t compete?

Boy, the Euro does go a long way these days, doesn\’t it? At least it isn\’t Siberia. So Long, Boki. Nice knowing ya. All the best!

Now if that that isn\’t enough to warm your hearts, The New Jersey Nets announced today that they\’ve shipped mercurial third-year PG Marcus Williams to the Golden State Warriors for a future lottery-protected first round draft pick or pair of second round picks. Lottery protected for 2011, the Nets will obtain that pick if the Warriors don\’t fall into the lottery. If they do, the Nets will get the 2012 pick protected only as to 1-to-11. That drops to 1-to-10 for 2013. If the Nets somehow don\’t get a first round pick by 2013, then they will have to settle for Golden State\’s second round picks in 2013 and 2015.

Meanwhile, Marcus returns to his California roots for a new beginning. The golden shores of the Pacific where the Warriors run and gun in the sun isn\’t all bad, is it? Siberia is worse!

That brings the Nets roster under contract down to 15 players (not including Van Horn and Krstic) and opens the possibility for more moves before the postseason is over. As they said: \”The roster is a work in progress.\”*

Notes: On the surface it appears a fair deal for both sides, although Mullin lands the real up-side. The Warriors are betting that Marcus will lead them to the postseason and they won\’t owe the Nets a high pick. The Nets are hoping the Warriors tank and they get the most in return (a 10-to-15 pick) in case Marcus does turn out to be a 14ppg and 9apg Point-Guard, which incidentally, won\’t be fair recompense if he does. If Marcus busts, then, well the Nets made out!

It seems that Warriors\’ GM Chris Mullin was looking for someone to replace Baron Davis. The team that lured Corey Maggette away from the Clippers was stung by LAC\’s signing Baron Davis away from them. Talk about revenge and wild profligacy [go look it up]!

In any event, repeat after me: \”Change is Good! The future of Nets\’ basketball never looked brighter!\”*

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