Mr. Prokhorov\’s Perogative!

Mr. Prokhorov\’s Perogative!

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

Much has been said and written about the change that\’ll ensue when New Owner Mikhail \”Mike\” Prokhorov takes over. The only thing that can be said for sure is that it\’ll be quite interesting.

If I am Mike, I would invest in stability and continuity with a strategic overhaul. Panic is no way to run a team. It means keeping current management intact and then bringing aboard the best coach you can find – assuming Kiki is only interim.*

The best investment Mike will ever make, apart from keeping seasoned hands like Mr. Thorn and Mr. Vandeweghe in place, will be to lure a future Hall-of-Fame Coach like Phil Jackson! Pay what you must, but bring him aboard. Someone like him will bring instant credibility to the organization and pay handsome dividends down the road.

Add in real talent that can make a difference at key positions from either the draft, free agency or in trade and you have the makings of a title contender over the long haul. Remember, many soon-to-be free agents that may command a max-contract have not had any franchise impact where they are right now despite their impressive statistics. The team already has many good pieces that need a little more seasoning. Maybe some sturdy European players that\’ll play the right way could also help. Wait until after the NBA Draft to make your moves unless something of unusual merit presents beforehand. Then, patience, is the watchword.

UPDATE: As of Feb 04, 2010. A report is out that one league executive thinks Raptor GM Bryan Colangelo may also be in the mix to help run the Nets because Prokhorov seems to have his eye on him. That would make sense if Mike intends to bring over European talent or coaching. Colangelo is a talented executive with a keen eye. I could live with that if that\’s what Mike wants.

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