Nets 2008-2009 Schedule Released

On August 6th the Nets entire regular season schedule was announced, and their first week is nothing to be excited for. The open this season away in Washington than they come back to New Jersey for 3 home games against the Warriors, Suns, and Pistons. That is not an east opening week, 3 of the 4 were play-off teams last season, and all 4 finished with records above .500%.

Games to look forward to:*

– October 29 – Nets at Wizards – Nets first regular season game

– November 1 – Nets vs. Warriors – Home opener

– November 18 – Nets vs. Cavaliers – LeBron comes to NJ

– December 19 – Nets vs. Mavericks – Kidd returns to NJ

– January 9 – Nets at Bucks – Nets play against RJ

– January 17 – Nets vs. Celtics – NBA Champions come to NJ

– February 3 – Nets vs. Bucks – RJ returns to NJ

– April 15 – Nets at Knicks – Nets final regular season game

View the Nets full schedule at:

Nets Schedule on

Nets Interactive Schedule Page

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