Nets Blame Arena

There have been rumblings in the press that certain players with the Nets are blaming their losing at home on the low attendance. Apparently, only about 12,000 or so were on hand to greet the Nets after their return from a successful Thanksgiving road trip.*

As I\’ve said before, players like Jason Kidd and Vince Carter can use their accumulated wealth to bus in youngsters from underprivileged backgrounds to fill the seats. If they want cheers, they\’ll get \’em.

The reality is that even when the Nets were making finals runs, the attendance was also not what it should be. It didn\’t stop the team from winning!

The title-winning Minneapolis Lakers played in the \”Armory.\” It didn\’t stop them from winning it all.

Professionals getting paid as much as some are on the Nets should be able to win in any real-estate on any planet in the universe! The duty to put out a winning product wherever you play is paramount!

That alone, will increase attendance. If you build a tradition of winning, the crowds will come. Look at San Antonio?

I think New Jersey can support NBA basketball. It\’s my understanding that IZOD Center\’s inconvenient location is the primary culprit.

In any event, the Nets are moving on to a new arena that will be world class. Basketball-crazed New Yorkers will sell it out.

You can\’t blame poor performance on an arena. Unless there\’s a sinkhole that\’ll suck you down, you just have to \’suck it up\’ and play!

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