Nets Go Down in Home Opener

Hawks Crush Nets: 106-70

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

Against better competition like the Atlanta Hawks who made the playoffs last season, the Nets showed just how far they have to go before they make it that far as well. The home opener for New Jersey was just that, a real eye-opener for anyone with illusions about this team.*

Coach Avery Johnson has to find a working rotation that\’ll be able to win. He needs quality starting personnel at every position.

When the roster was assembled by former President/GM Rod Thorn before his departure, he fleshed it out with many mediocrities. He brought in some good, serviceable talent, but, for the most part, missed on anything that\’d make a big difference.

Newly anointed GM Billy King then proceeded to ship out SF/SG Terrence Williams, a young swing man with real potential for Sasha Vujacic (who is no longer with the team) and pick(s) and a rich package of players and picks to acquire PG Deron Williams who will be worth it if he stays.

Under such pressure is the team still in need to fill some huge holes. Without going into specifics, I think the Nets ought to pencil in rookie SG Marshon Brooks as the starter at the two-guard and bring Morrow off the bench. In addition, the Nets should slide Deron to the 2 when not at the point.

Finally, the Nets should acquire a starting quality small forward to take some of the scoring burden off of Deron, Kris and Marshon. Mehmet Okur needs to integrate soon to make any impact, if he can still get it done.

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