Nets lose again, to the star-less Kings

The picture says it all, the Nets lost to the Kings who were without Kevin Martin and Mike Bibby. The Kings were also 1-10 on the road, but the Nets continued to play poorly and ultimately lost to the Kings with the final score being 106 to 101.*

Mikki Moore received a warm welcome from the fans, and was still his friendly self during pregame warm ups. He was signing autographs for every, and taking pictures with all the fans, but in the game, he was hardly what he was last season. Moore scored only 4 points on 2 of 6 shooting in over 30 minutes, and was viciously blocked by the up and coming Sean Williams.

Although it was Mikki\’s first return since leaving the Nets, John Salmons was in the spotlight. He torched the Nets guards and put up 31 points, and had 7 assists to add onto that. Along with Salmons, Artest, Miller, and Garcia all had over 20 points in the game, and the Nets defense against them was just lazy. Very few contested shots, no one was stepping out on open players,and the Nets once again lost because of their lack of hustle and desire, New Jersey clearly is the more talented team.

Not all the action came in the game though, some interesting stuff occurred late in the 4th quarter. Two frustrated Nets fans raised a banner behind the Nets bench, it read \”FIRE FRANK\” (picture). Although arena security took offense to it and took it away as soon as they could, it drew some laughs from several Nets players on the bench during a time out. After the game, two players were asked about it, in order to not cause controversy, I will not reveal the players names, but I do have two interesting quotes. One of the players suggested \”you should bring one every game\” and was very pleased with the sign. While the other simply laughed, and with a smile he added \”no comment.\”

This team is falling apart, and the players are starting to turn against their coach. Does this team need to rebuild around their young players, or would a new coach be enough to get them playing at the level they should be?


Jason Collins got a DNP – Coach\’s Decision

Vince Carter once again had a poor game after a solid stretch of good games, and with Collins not playing, Carter was the punching bag for the frustrated fans.

Marcus Williams finally returned to action after recovering from his off-season foot surgery. Although he struggled and only played for 4 minutes, it is good to see he is ready to play again.

Josh Boone got his first career start, and also starting was Nets rookie Sean Williams, who recorded 8 blocks in the game.

Jason Kidd flirted with a triple-double, but was 1 assist shy.

Richard Jefferson lead all scorers with 36 points.

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