Nets Lose Again

Cavaliers Prevail Against Nets

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

It is still early in the season, but at this pace, the Nets season will be forfeit if they don\’t start finding ways to win. Today, they fell to the young, LeBron-less Cavaliers 98-82.*

It is still way too early to panic, but if you want a high draft pick for inclusion in a trade, the Nets may be heading in that direction. About the only noteworthy news I found today was the report that Sacramento PF DeMarcus Cousins has demanded a trade from the Kings. Any interest?

DeMarcus Cousins and Derrick Favors squared off in workouts before the Nets in the past. If he can keep his issues in check and Avery wants him, perhaps, he could bring some interior toughness and swag to the team and help Okur fill the hole created by the loss of Brook Lopez?

Addendum (1.2.11): SI Writer Mannix is reporting the Nets are interested in Cousins if he wants out of SacTown and the Kings want to move him. Net\’s assistant Mario Elie has coached Cousins and knows his issues.

Flash: My sources tell me that the Hornets Eric Gordon may become available.

Flash: Rumor has it that Magic Assistant Patrick Ewing is trying to scare Dwight Howard about playing in the big city by telling about all the \”media scrutiny.\” Patrick, you forgot to tell him about the earthquakes in Los Angeles and the tornadoes in Dallas.

Flash: After saying all the right things about how he loves New York, if the league\’s best PG in Deron Williams is suddenly echoing Ewing\’s theme by blowing cold about New York (just so D12 won\’t move to NY as a free agent and snag that big sneaker contract without him), move him (Deron) to a small town like Oklahoma City for PG Russell Westbrook and picks. I\’m sure he\’ll sing OK\’s praises for a while.

Flash: Andrea Bargnani was rumored available before the start of the season.

Flash: Is Marco Belinelli available?

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