Nets Set To Replace Frank?

Nets Set To Replace Frank?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

While there haven\’t been any official confirmations as of yet, if the many reports are accurate, the New Jersey Nets are set to replace long-time Nets Coach Lawrence Frank with either GM Kiki Vandeweghe or Assistant Coach John Loyer. Rumors have it that Coach Frank will be dismissed as early as Monday or following the game tonight with the Los Angeles Lakers.*

If so, a bad start to the season and winless record tying the NBA record of 17 straight defeats to start a season on the road against the Lakers tonight would be a pretext as good as any to justify his departure. This doesn\’t mean that Lawrence Frank is not a good Coach. It means that he\’s lost the respect he needs from his players to be effective and can\’t turn it around fast enough. Roster moves along with a rash of injuries saw to that, but when you can\’t win a few and the bottom of the downward spiral of a vicious circle rears its ugly head, its hard not to get sucked down into the vortex. Thanks for the hard work and memories, Lawrence. Hope bluer skies follow!

In the meantime, if reports are accurate that GM Kiki Vandeweghe indeed is the interim replacement, then I think it only fitting to have the man who shaped the current roster coach it until someone else is found. Kiki brings charisma and the respect of a former NBA all-Star to the bench.

While it would have been nice if Brian Hill was still on the bench to step in, Vandeweghe is the man for this job. He now gets the chance to make the fans appreciate, Harris, Yi and Lee and forget Carter, Anderson and Kidd.

In any event consider it crucial that the two most valuable assets on this ball club are President Rod Thorn and GM Kiki Vandeweghe. Not only do they make a great team, but they complement one another in a fashion like no other. Their record in stockpiling assets like draft picks and roster talent is enviable. Thorn\’s wise hand and Kiki\’s charisma make deals happen. It brought Harris for Kidd (a deal that will prove its worth well after Kidd retires) and positioned the team for a run at the unprecendented free agent class that will be available this summer while assembling a youthful roster of talent (Lopez, Harris, Lee and Williams, et al) that can compete with anyone given a new coaching regime. LeBron James or Chris Bosh may join the Nets.

Still, you wonder if letting Frank go costs the team the first pick in the upcoming draft? Here\’s to ping pong balls or Vandeweghe\’s revival in the Meadowlands.

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