Nets Sign Travis Outlaw

The Nets Make Some Moves

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The Nets made a move and signed free agent SF/PF Travis Outlaw to a five year $35mil contract. If fully recovered from his broken foot and motivated by this new contract, the Nets hope to see this hyper-athletic player realize his full potential.*

I\’ve always liked Travis, but expected more from him. If he delivers, the contract will be well worth it. If not, it still won\’t be so bad.

The Nets are also contemplating bringing in RFA PF/SF Tyrus Thomas or RFA PF Luis Scola. Thomas has intrigued me since his college days, but he has to prove to me that he can do it consistently at this level. He\’s either going to make you happy or break your heart, I\’m not sure which.

As for Luis Scola, he is more of a proven veteran … a known commodity from his days in Europe as well. He is no \’spring chicken\’ at the age of 30, but like a vintage wine gives an honest effort that is productive. Barring injury, he should be productive for some time to come.

I think the Nets should also take a hard look at giving free agent PF Shelden Williams recently of the Celtics a chance to prove himself. They may not risk much and the reward could be great.

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