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It\’s official! Jason Kidd will be the new coach of the Brooklyn Nets. When it all came down to it, the Nets\’ braintrust settled on its former franchise leader in perennial all-Pro Point Guard Jason Kidd.

On its surface, this looks to be an attractive hire because of the Nets\’ history, marketing opportunities and presence that Jason Kidd brings to the team. At 40 years of age, he is young enough for a long run.

This is a choice that can work out well for the Nets. Especially if Jason Kidd brings the kind of dedication and spirit he brought to the team when he played. He is a natural born leader.*

A lot depends on who Jason surrounds himself with. Will he have a career like Phil Jackson? Now that is something to shoot for, but don\’t put any money on it just yet.

Unfortunately, it takes more than a stellar playing career and inspired leadership to win a title in the NBA. Just ask Larry Bird. It\’s even tougher to build a dynasty. Jason isn\’t going to get much on the job training as he must \’hit the ground running\’ winning big from the start with a team \’built to win yesterday.\’

Is he up to it? Yeah, he\’s game. Jason Kidd will run through a brick wall to compete and win! Will it be enough? Who knows! One thing is for sure. It will be entertaining.

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