NJN@IND 1.2.12

Nets Fall To Pacers

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

Indiana 108, Nets 94

Newark, NJ, Jan. 2 — In what would otherwise, in a normal season, be the final preseason tune-up game, the Nets fell at home to the Indiana Pacers, 108-94. While starting the season 1-5 doesn\’t help, there were signs of life from the Nets during the game.*

The Fans can take heart from the fact that the Nets began to show signs of flow, rhythm and cohesiveness. Signs, mind you, but still a positive development.

For example, C Mehmet Okur hooked up with PG Deron Williams in ways they had on the Jazz with various inside-outside plays they can run in their sleep. Deron began to look more like his old self.

As a consequence, the Nets will be deeper and more well-rounded when Brook Lopez returns. Deron definitely seemed to find himself more in this game.

Another positive was the play of emerging rookie SG Marshon Brooks who finished with 21 points. He took some of the scoring burden off from the shoulders of Deron this evening.

Other positives included the play of starting PF Shelden Williams and SF Damion James. Shelden began to look like \”The Landlord\” owning the paint, rebounding and blocking shots as he did during his college days.

Unfortunately, Shelden\’s shot was off and he needs work to return it to what it was during his college days. He needs to regain confidence in it.

SF Damion James looked as good as I\’ve seen him in a while. He shot the ball with more confidence and looked more offensively capable and fluid out there.

Finally, I would say that C Johan Petro and PG Jordan Farmer contributed and showed flashses as well.

It all means that the Nets are beginning to come together and find an identity. It won\’t get any easier for the balance of this month as tougher teams lie ahead, but I\’m encouraged. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it\’s not a train coming in the other direction!

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