NJN@SEA 11.23.07

Nets Hang On

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

Nets 98, Seattle 93

Seattle, WA, Nov. 23 — In the land of Microsoft and Starbucks, the Nets hung on for a wildly frenetic, 98-93, last minute victory over the struggling Seattle Supersonics. SF Richard Jefferson, who led all scorers again this night with 30 points, was the last second hero.

Jefferson came away with the ball from a scramble in the lane, during the final seconds, to seal the victory for New Jersey. This was after the sizzling Seattle PG, Delonte West, who single-handedly scored 17 points late to keep Seattle in the game, intentionally missed his second crucial free throw, in as many tries, with the Sonics down only 93-96. When he threw it off the backboard, Jefferson snuck in to snare it … promptly drawing a foul in the process … and sank his game-ending free throws for the final margin.*

For most of this contest, the Nets were able to nurse about a ten-point lead owing to the inexperience of the youthful Sonics. Although the final team stats were mostly even, the telling difference was turnovers. The Nets managed to hang on to the ball better (13 turnovers for NJN to 21 for the Sonics). Hence, they hung on for the victory. New Jersey recorded six more takeaways than their opponent.

The Nets now tuck this game away, riding a modest two-game winning streak, as they head to Los Angeles to meet up with the potent and always tough Lakers. Once again, SG Vince Carter came off the bench to make impact with 15 efficient points, 5 rebounds and five assists in 34 minutes of play.

Other top performers for New Jersey, of note, included superlative HOF-PG Jason Kidd. He racked up 14 points, 5 assists and five boards in keeping this victory on-track.

The Nets got good bench play out of their reserves. SF Bostjan \”Boki\” Nachbar (10 points), PF/C Josh Boone (4 points and three rebounds), PF/C Sean Williams (7 points, two boards and a swat) and PG Eddie Gill (an important two point shot down the strech) each pitched in in various ways to make the victory happen.

Starter-for-the-night, PF Malik Allen, did a credible job with 12 points and six boards in
27 minutes of action against the Sonics. His shot was falling. [Do you think we can trade Malik for Mikki Moore?]

In place of others who were on the mend, Seattle PF Chris Wilcox, who was playing with a sprained ankle, looked like he was manning the middle some, along with PF/C Nick Collison, . [Tell me Wilcox will somehow end up in New Jersey?]

Heavily-hyped rookie-SG Kevin Durant poured in 12 points in extended play that included a sweet drive to the hoop for an above-the-rim jam [ala John Starks over MJ], but it was fellow rookie SF/PF Jeff Green that stole the show with a 14 point and 14 rebound performance that included a few highlights of his own. Hail to the \’Hoya. [I\’m impressed with Green. Durant needs to put on muscle.]

Anyhow, there was plenty of \’jam\’ to spread on toast and it is now time to drink some java and tee-up that word-processor! See you in L.A.

Notes: You\’ve got the whole scoop already! After being so stuffed with turkey that I was afraid the Goodyear blimp folks would hire me, why should I work hard to give you notes? [P.S., How does the Jones Soda pop, served at Key Arena, that will be served in Brooklyn, taste? Please let me know!]

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