No show Nets lose to Knicks

The Nets beat the healthy Cleveland Cavaliers last night, and tonight they played the Knicks who lost 6 of their last 7 games. Their 1 win over that stretch was against the Nets, and just snapped their 5 game losing streak to beat the Nets again. Unlike last time, the Nets were with Jason Kidd. After watching the game, it is hard to interpret whether it was just good defense by the Knicks that prevented the Nets from getting anything going early on in the game, or if the Nets were just playing that bad.*

Richard Jefferson who is one of the leagues top scorers this season was held to 14 points on 7-21 shooting, and got no help from the refs for the 2nd time in 3 games and didn\’t get to the free throw line once in the game. And the entire Nets team only shot 16 free throws (making 7) compared to the 36 attempts by the Knicks, who made 24 of them. That may have been the difference, but don\’t let the numbers fool you, the refs didn\’t have any favorites, the Knicks just out played the Nets and were much more aggressive.

The Nets have now dropped to 10-14 and their next game is against the Kings at home on Tuesday December 18th. If the Nets struggle again, expect the loyal fans in attendance to boo the Nets even worse than Carter was booed on his missed shots against the Clippers. Let the Jason Kidd trade rumors continue…

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