NYK@NJN 1.16.08

Postmortem Notes

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

The Nets lost a close game to the Knicks at home in the IZOD Center last night, 111-105. What to think?

Well, the Pistons dropped one too! Maybe there\’s a league-wide conspiracy to \”lose one for Isiah?\”

Heck, the Nets and Celtics dropped a few to MJ\’s Bobcats. Didn\’t they?

As improbable a loss to the Knicks as this season\’s Nets\’ play has been, maybe they want to keep Isiah where he is? A Colangelo-led team would be more dangerous … No?

After all, Isiah finally lost (or replaced) Marbury (whatever the reason), as Larry Brown had wanted to, and is now preaching \”fiscal responsbility\” according to some news reports. With Stephon conveniently announcing that he needs ankle surgery, maybe Isiah\’ll stick around for a long time?*

The Nets have played well … competing hard against the likes of the Celtics and Knicks … with the exception of the Trailblazers letdown. There\’s reason for cautious optimism.

I\’m not going to do a full postmortem, but suffice to say that perhaps Frank should let Swat play through his foul trouble (even if he fouls out every game) and stay on the floor as much as possible alongside Boone. It will help him learn to play with foul trouble. Ditto for Boone.

It seems that they [the Kiddie Corps] keep the Nets competitive in games … even if the Nets lose. Subbing Collins and others often disrupt the flow unless a breather is required.

Thanks to Kiki, Boone\’s free-throw shooting has come around (4-6 last night). He also made a few jumpers.

If you blame anyone, maybe the seasoned vets didn\’t quite get it done last night? Who knows?

In any event, these are young players. They won\’t perish from over-work.

Looks at the minutes that Jason Kidd logs at his age. If he can do it, why not the Kiddie Corps?

When Nenad Krstic is ready to return, he should just look to fit in and contribute where he can here and there until he can get into the flow. If he does well, then a shortened big-man rotation of 32 minutes apiece between Swat, Boone and Krstic should be a productive one.

Krstic made impact when he came back early. BUT he also faltered too much to make it worthwhile.

If Nenad is back to where he should be, then he\’ll make a big difference helping the team to overcome opponents and close them out. Of course, Nenad has to return when he feels right.

Jamaal Magloire still intrigues me. I\’m not understanding why Collins got the minutes in relief over Jamaal?

We know what Collins can do. I\’ll repeat myself: We know what Collins can do!

Magloire tends to play well against the Knick big men … frustrating them at times. If he could deliver minutes like he did up in Milwaukee, it would be better than Collins against the Knickerbocker front line.

Why not mix in Marcus Williams for some heavy minutes in games here and there? After all, J-Kidd, recovering from the flu, needed a six-minute rest last night, didn\’t he?

Notes: The Los Angeles Times had a blurb about \”False Advertising.\” It seems that Knickerbocker faithful appeared on TV proclaiming their love for the Isiah-era team. Only thing was that some were \”paid actors.\” When asked about it, the Knicks replied that they were \”paid actors\” and \”fans.\” One actor refuted it. Sounds more like the: \”Church of Isiah.\” Then again, maybe the Knicks have \’turned the corner?\’

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