Odds of Nets Future Success

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov captivated the basketball world when purchasing the New Jersey team last year. With outspoken plans of moving the struggling team to Brooklyn and even bigger dreams of landing talented players like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, New Jersey
s faithful were understandably excited yet cautiously optimistic.

The breathed skepticism was warranted, as most realized the New Jersey Nets, the way they stood up until a week ago, were a bottom-rung Eastern Conference team, an entire starting rotation behind squads like the Celtics and Magic. But that was then, this is now.

Heavy the most talented point-guard in the league, one Deron Williams, the Nets odds for success going forward have exponentially improved. Although New Jersey gave up a lot to bring Williams in from Utah would have been even more had the Melo deal with Denver gone through the potential for winning is actually greater in New Jersey than in New York, Anthonys eventual home.


In fact, looking at the setup realistically, New Jerseys potential to win is potentially greater than Miamis. And here is why:

Grouping together to form a “super team” does not necessarily guarantee victory. While every sports book and internet casinos may be pulling favorably for the powerhouse Miami Heat, it is actually Boston and Chicago out in front playing better basketball.

Is this due to team chemistry? Hardly. It is due to point-guard play. Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose control their respective offensive squads and are able to torch the big-bodied commercial talents like Howard, Stoudemire, James and Bosh. Placing so much emphasis on scoring the ball is great, but putting your stock in scorers instead of facilitators is the wrong formula in the Eastern Conference.

Big players with big star power make their teams instantly better, simply due to scoring averages and commercial appeal. Do they make their teammates better, though? A double-team on James might leave Miller open, but we all witnessed how well that formula worked in Cleveland.

The Nets, on the other hand, are building their team around a start point-guard, meaning they have the most important piece in place. If your point has game, your entire team has game.

Odds suggest that New Jersey will be a little slow to catch up with others teams in the East, and maybe rightfully so. They have already lost 42 games this season and the next handful certainly will not help with chemistry, when you consider that the roster is going to be a lot different next year.

But if Williams wants to stick around as the Nets centerpiece, he will attract the type of talent to New Jersey that will be able to instantly compete. The top Eastern teams lose to good point play; it is as simple as that.

They will still be an underrated team per sports media, getting odds closer to online blackjack games than basketball games, but the only numbers important to any team are the numbers they put up in the “W” column. With Williams setting the pace and a few key additions, the Nets should have no trouble competing for the 4th seed next year.

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