PHI@NJN 12.1.07

The Nets dug another 16 point hole for themselves at home before the half was over, but somehow managed to crawl out and hold off the Philadelphia 76ers for an ugly 94-92 OT victory. It wasn\’t pretty, but the Nets (8-8) will take it as they travel Sunday to the Palace in Auburn Hills to take on the Detroit Pistons (10-5) for a 6:00pm ET game.

It now remains to be seen if there will be enough fresh legs available for New Jersey to come out on top against one of the better teams in the league in Detroit. With all the talk about \”protecting home,\” at least this game is on the road.

The big question now is if Coach Lawrence Frank can adjust and win the next leg of this back-to-back by deploying personnel that have the energy to win. If he lets the next game begin like this one, the outcome won\’t nearly be the same.*

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