Rod to Retire?

The Vaunted Offseason Arrives: Thorn To Step Down?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The Nets completed their trade of SF Chris Douglas Roberts to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for a future second round draft pick. The next announcement, if reports are acccurate, is that President of Basketball Operations, Rod Thorn, is set to retire after his contract expires on June 30 while staying on through July 15 in order to facilitate the free agent presentations to players like LeBron James.*

Reports continue to circulate that the 69 year old Rod Thorn, who has had a long and distingushed career with the Nets, after ten years at the helm, won\’t ink any new contract proposal as it appears that it is time for all to move on. Family pressure to retire, health and other factors may have led to the decision, but until it happens, it is only unsubstantiated rumor.

Rumor further has it that former Suns chair and current USA basketball director Jerry Colangelo is the leading candidate to replace Thorn. Thorn will apparently be involved in picking his successor, if this is confirmed.

Other rumored candidates include former Lakers great and GM Jerry West, and current Lakers Coach, Phil Jackson, should he decide to step down next week.

All candidates for new blood in the Nets organization are sound. Colangelo has remarkable connections and both Phil Jackson and Jerry West are incredible basketball minds, with the latter having GM experience with Memphis and Los Angeles.

It is premature, but if rumors of Rod Thorn\’s iminent retirement are true, I think the Nets should bring aboard as many of the new candidates as possible, if not all three, though, I believe that Colangelo has the inside track because of his international connections and current stature with USA Basketball. Still it couldn\’t hurt [emphasis added] to have the all-time winningest coach in the NBA (Phil Jackson) a part of your organization along with the man (Jerry West) who brought PF Pau Gasol in to the NBA in the first place.

The odds are that Phil Jackson retires as Lakers Coach after this season. Jerry West is currently available and Colangelo won\’t shrink at this high profile position.

Finally, it should be noted that LeBron James will be holding court in Cleveland to hear presentations from teams interested in his services. First up is New Jersey where you can be sure that Prokhorov, Jay Z and Rod Thorn will be making their best pitch seeking to entice LeBron James to become the first global brand worth a billion dollars operating out of the tri-state (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) metropolitan area.

The Nets may not currently have quite enough cap space for Chris Bosh to join LeBron, but they can bring in David Lee. Alternatively, they can try to clear more if LeBron commits to New Jersey, but I would be adamant about retaining Brook Lopez, Terrance Williams and Derick Favors as untouchables along with Courtney Lee and, possibly, Yi Jianlian (if he\’s shown enough improvement) as a supporting cast.

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