Roster Reshaping

Roster Reshaping

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The Nets made some nice moves on draft day, but in doing so they cut their last remaining ties to the \”Big Three\” by trading venerable SG Vince Carter and promising young PF Ryan Anderson to the Orlando Magic for young SG Courtney Lee and others. The trio of PG Jason Kidd, SG Vince Carter and SF Richard Jefferson was the core of the team during the Kidd era.

Vince now has to be ecstactic for a chance to play for a championship ring down in Orlando, Florida – his home state. In making this move the Nets carved out enormous financial flexibility to allow them to be real players in the 2010 free agent sweepstakes that includes the likes of LeBron, Wade, Bosh and others … OR … Reward their own should they merit it.* At the same time, they have assembled a young talent base that can go far if there is no lingering residual influence from the former \”Big Three\” cabal.

The deal was essentially Carter for expiring contracts (Battie and Alston) and a swap of Anderson for Lee (someone the Nets had considered drafting instead of Anderson). While it is a shame to see Brook\’s buddy, the young Anderson go, Lee\’s promise may make him a better fit to replace Carter at a position more in need.

The team is now truly a team of players – not aging superstars past their prime – and if coached properly, should bring much joy to the faithful. Terrence Williams is a superb prospect who will make impact if given the opportunity. He could stand to improve his Field-Goal Percentages by adding a little more precision to his shot, though.

It says here that the Nets will win as many – if not more – games than in the prior season. The talent is there. I will allow that the postseason is not out of the question if the players give an honest effort and the coach does his job. If they don\’t, there may be more change ahead. Stay tuned!

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