SAS@NJN 3.2.08

Parker Shines As Spurs Prevail

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

San Antonio 93, Nets 83

East Rutherford, NJ, Mar. 2 — The Nets lost the first end of a home-and-away against the San Antonio Spurs by ten points tonight, 93-83. The final score, however, was not indicative of how much the Spurs dominated, though.

Spurs PG Tony Parker scored 25 points on 10-of-18 from the floor in under 34 minutes to lead the Spurs to a solid victory. He also chipped in 8 rebounds and 7 assists – one less than the Nets dished out for the entire game.

Newly arrived PG Devin Harris, on the other hand, scored 21 points (on 6-18) dishing only two assists in about 36 minutes. SG Vince Carter put up 21 as well on 9-of-18 to go with 8 boards, but that wouldn\’t be enough as the team didn\’t get enough from everyone else to mount a serious challenge to the Spurs. Worse of it, both SF Boki Nachbar and Devin Harris suffered injuries to their hips in this one.

The Nets get a chance to play it again on Tuesday, March 4, down in San Antonio. The game gets underway at 8:30pm EST and will be broadcast on Yes Network.*

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